Uncle Sam telling you to join LokashaktiLokashakti is currently looking for people interested in playing Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboards. Candidates should be exceptional musicians. Multi-instrumentalists and those with vocal ability are strongly encouraged to apply. ┬áIf we do say so ourselves, this is a totally unique opportunity for someone with good politics, serious musical skills, and an ardent desire to combine the two. Since we’re based in New York City, we’re searching for people in and around the five boroughs to help craft a new movement in protest music. So if you know of any outstanding musicians in the New York area, committed to activism, peace, and social justice, please kindly refer them to the following listings:

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Lokashakti Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We recognize diversity as the basis upon which the power of the people is built, and accordingly, remain firmly committed to maintaining a diverse workplace as we build our organization, as well as a diverse community of activists as we work to help build the global movement for peace and social justice.