Three Stories

Three Stories Album CoverOur debut EP, released in March 2010 on Lokashakti Records, represents our first effort at politically driven protest music the way we’ve always thought it should be done. Drawing musical inspiration from genres as diverse as punk, post-hardcore, western, surf, mariachi, and Irish folk, the songs deal each in their own way with the reality of war, and its effects upon different groups of people involved. This is our first attempt at creating protest music that’s both relevant and effective, while still retaining its strength as a form of art. Click on the tracks below to preview the music and check out the lyrics.

01. Spinning Black Gold (4:11)

02. The Stranger (3:51)

03. We Regret To Inform You (5:25)

If you like what you hear, consider buying Three Stories on CD from Lokashakti Records. It’s only 5 USD (including shipping) and all the proceeds go to support the work of our nonprofit organization, Lokashakti Inc.  The CD features original cover art by Greek photojournalist Pavlos Nerantzis, design and layout by Sarah Somers Gray, and environmentally sound packaging that incorporates recycled plastic bottles.

Or, if you’d like to download Three Stories as a set of MP3s, our music is available through standard online music retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, CD BabyNapster, and eMusic. Since we may not ever get a chance to say “thank you” if you purchase our songs on MP3, we’ll do so now, and kindly ask that you let us keep you informed of future events, projects, shows, announcements, etc., by signing up for our mailing list. Thanks very much.

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